(Bricks and mortar are going up on the historic Hughes Lofts and the home of “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.” / Photo by Gene McLean)

Bricks and mortar. They add up to structure and stamina. And, they are adding up to major improvements and advancements to the Hughes Lofts at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville and soon to be the new home of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

The brick work on both the North and South stair case towers — which have been added to the outside of the building — will continue for approximately two more weeks. After that, the metal stair casing will be airlifted by crane and dropped into place within both of the respective new structures.

Upon completion of that major construction work, the attention will turn to forming up, framing down, and pouring the concrete infrastructure of the new parking garage — which will fit snuggly and perfectly in-between the current Hughes Lofts building and the Ice House.

The rooftop of the new parking garage will allow for a glass-enclosure to be fitted in-between the two new towers and that “conservatory look” will extend from the second floor all the way to the rooftop and the 6th floor.

The rooftop of the parking garage will also be the foundation for a new smoking pavilion for “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s” premium Cigar Bar, and the region’s largest and most accommodating rooftop leisure and bar area — which will be utilized exclusively by the “Society’s” members.

At the same time as the outside construction continues to add up, and build out, construction crews have been busy on the inside of the building, as well. In particular, “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society” is beginning to take real shape and various sizes.

The walls for the men’s and women’s restrooms have been framed up. Storage areas for both the main room bar and the prestigious “Bourbon Bar” in the Cigar Room have been formed. The Audio/Video room has been framed up. The kitchen prep areas have been studded out. Frames around both the North and South elevators shafts have been constructed. Frames have been added for the new walk-in, indoor humidor and the private cigar boxes have been added.

Soon, both bars will be completely framed out and work will begin on restoring the old, historic bar that will be installed in the Cigar Bar.

A late Fall Opening of the LTS is still in the plans, and hopes — weather permitting.

As we build structurally, we certainly hope that your excitement builds, as well. There will be no other club to offer the quality of service, depth of amenities and the accommodations in all of Louisville.

The Society will be the best.


For more information on how you can join this prestigious, private membership club, you can go to “The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s” attractive and informative website (www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com) and simply walk through the membership link.

Here’s a closer look at some of the construction progress, as of Wednesday, April 17.

(New brick — which closely resembles the old, historic brick on the original building — is now being added to both the North and South stair towers on the side of the Hughes Lofts building. After the brick work is completed, the stair casings for both towers will be lifted and dropped into each of the respective new structures. / Photos by Gene McLean

A Look at the South Elevator Work:

(Bricks from the old safe room are being dismantled, and the safe door and frame have been removed from the first floor of the historic Hughes Lofts building. Once completely removed, construction workers will create an opening on each floor of the 6-story building for the South Elevator, which will service each level. Once the block work has been installed for the new elevator, the original brick will be added to the exterior, including the white subway brick on both the first and second floors. History remade. / Photos by Gene McLean)

A Look at the Cigar Bar:

(The North end of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society will be equipped with an elevator, a restored “Bourbon Bar,” a spacious, walk-in humidor and upscale, private cigar lockers. The first photo is a look at the location of the Bourbon Bar. The second is a look back into the darkened Cigar Bar. The third is a photo of the frame job around the new elevator shaft. The fourth is the frame around the cigar lockers, and the last is the metal studding for the new humidor. / Photos by Gene McLean)

A Look at the LTS Main Entertainment Room & Prime Meeting Space / Dinning Room:

(Photos of the main bar areas, with framing around the bathrooms, storage areas and kitchen prep zone. /  Photos by Gene McLean)

(A look at the prime meeting space and premier dining room. Framing has been added to surround the new South elevator shaft. / Photos by Gene McLean)

(A look at the major coordinator connecting the prime meeting space & premier dining area to the main bar room. Framing for the kitchen prep, mens and women’s restrooms, and other equipment rooms have already been added. / Photos by Gene McLean)