If you happen to drive by 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville, the historic Hughes Building may look like its’ asleep. While construction continues to muddle along in the muddy pit that will soon become a parking garage and a beautiful roof top bar, things may look quiet next door.

But don’t be fooled.

Or caught napping.

Things inside are wide awake.

Truth be told, a lot of activity is fully under way at what will soon become the home for the newly proposed Louisville Thoroughbred Society. Over the past few weeks, the only peeps that have been busier than the ones chipping away inside the historic structure may be the elves — who had a hard deadline of Dec. 24 to get all their supplies ready for the “Big Guy’s” annual marathon run around the globe.

In the past 30 days, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society has completely sold out its’ initial “Investor Memberships” for the private club, which is expected to be fully open and operational in 2019. These “Investor Memberships” were limited to the first 30 persons and/or entities that purchased a “share” in the  new project.

The list of investors is complex, with a number of persons from diverse and different backgrounds, and business accomplishments. The list includes some notable names, both inside and outside of the Thoroughbred industry. The list includes persons from the medical profession, financial and banking institutions, and other prominent business enterprises. The list includes persons that call Louisville home, and others from outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

And, most importantly, the list of “Investor Members” — who will make up The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s first Board of Directors — includes great diversity of gender, race and social/economical backgrounds.

In short, the group of initial investors represents a fantastic cross section of Louisville; the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and those interested, invested and associated with the Thoroughbred industry.

The group of “Investor Members” will be meeting for the first time in early January to begin construction of a finalized and formalized business plan — which will help launch Louisville’s first and most exclusive, private membership club dedicated to those that participate in the Thoroughbred industry.

In addition to construction of the “people,” and our first Board of Directors, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society will soon be constructing its’ new and distinctive “look and feel” inside the building itself.

Founding members Mike Schnell and Gene McLean have been meeting with the team at Bayus Design Works to finalize the floor plan and final architectural designs. In addition, we have met with interior designers from Details Commercial Group to develop concepts for flooring, wall designs, drapery, and furnishings for the various areas designated throughout both the indoor and outdoor space.

For a special, sneak preview of possible interior looks just take a glance below:

(This is a quick look at the main lounge area)

(This is a quick look at the main restaurant area — which will be located next to the meeting room)

(This is a quick look at the Cigar Bar interior design)

(This is a quick look at the main bar for the main lounge area, with tile flooring under and around this area)