Labor Day is an appropriate time to honor those that do work for a living. And, it is an apt title for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society this week, as well.

In fact, these are “Labor Days.”

On Tuesday, I made my way down to the Hughes Lofts — located at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville — and the soon-to-be home of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society to check on the construction and progress being made on our new, private membership club that will be dedicated to providing first class accommodations and services to those persons interested in, invested in and fans of the Thoroughbred industry.

On Tuesday, I found workers cranking away on the new parking garage — located in-between the Ice House and the Hughes Lofts. Workers are framing up scaffolding that will bear the weight for the new concrete support beams that are scheduled to be fully formed and poured next week.

On Tuesday, I found workers in the inside front foyer, replacing white subway tile brings in the new upscale entrance way off of Main Street.

On Tuesday, I found workers at the top of the Main Street scaffolding working on the building front end Cornish and detailed brickwork.

On Tuesday, I found that workers had fully framed in the back of the “Cigar Bar” area.

On Tuesday, I found that the South end elevator tower — which will carry customers from Main Street to the LTS leased premises — has now been fully created, and the entrance area for the LTS facility is beginning to take shape…(read more on The Pressbox)