The Louisville Thoroughbred Society

Main entrance. Photo courtesy Holly M. Smith.

On Wednesday night, the Louisville Thoroughbred Society opened its temporary doors and had its’ official “Ground Breaking Ceremony” at 209 East Main Street in historic and vibrant downtown Louisville.

The “Society” — which will be an upscale, private membership club for persons interested in, invested in, and fans of the Thoroughbred industry — entertained over 200 fans and public officials to introduce them to what soon will be downtown Louisville’s newest and latest addition.

Unlike the more traditional and stoic/static “Ground Breaking” events, there were no ribbons to cut; no shovels to dig; no dirt to toss; and no reason to snore.

Instead, there was plenty of fine food to eat; libations to drink; there were photos and renderings of dreams that will soon become reality; there was entertainment and Churchill Downs’ famed bugler to announce the “Call to the Post;” and there was reason to party.

And, that’s just what the invitees did while touring a historic building that will be turned into a destination location with some of the most vibrant, state-of-the-art audio and video reproductions of Thoroughbred racing and sporting events.

The people got to see a grand, ole’ barroom that will soon be transformed into a premier private dinning and meeting space that will be host to some of the industry’s most important meetings and decision makers. And, an area that will be perfect for receptions, presentations, celebrations — of all sorts.

The people got to tour the expansive indoor space that will soon house one of downtown’s largest bar rooms, equipped with comfortable and stylish furnishings.

The people got an image of where Louisville’s first and foremost premium “Cigar Bar” — equipped withe the region’s largest walking humidor — will be located.

The people got to peer out over the first poured steps of what will be a new parking garage, that will be topped with the city’s largest outdoor, rooftop bar and green space.

The people got to hear how they can join, participate, relax and enjoy — from top trainers and founders of the new project.

It was the first time that the old building got a chance to show new life. And, it was fun.

Here’s a look inside the first event, through the eye and lens of our famed photographer Holly M. Smith. If you want to know more how you can be a member or participate as in investor in this new project, please drop us a note and get more information.

The fun is just about to begin.

In earnest.