(The custom-made drapes are now hung in the LTS’ “Library.” Take a look at the special “pull-backs” is a good use of an old horse shoe)

Editor’s Note:

The sun does shine bright into our new Kentucky home at The Louisville Thoroughbred Society. Especially in the month of June.

But just not as bright as it did earlier this week.

The hand-made, custom-designed linen drapes have now been hung from the windows of the LTS’ “Library” with care. They are pulled back to allow some of the sun’s bright rays in, but the drapes are held back by repurposed horse shoes that have been cleaned and now glean of gold.

The perfect touch for a private-membership club that is dedicated to enhancing, and promoting the Thoroughbred industry in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Take another sneak peek inside.

All the original hard wood floors have now been stained and varnished throughout the facility.

The hand-build, Spanish Cedar Humidor is now on location and will be completely installed this coming week.

The light fixtures are going up and soon will have the chandeliers fully illuminated.

And, the floor to both the LTS’ “Diner” and the LTS’ “Conservatory” were poured with concrete today. Soon, the finishing touches to both of those facilities will be completed.

The only major “construction” phase left is the outdoor, rooftop area and the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion.” All the concrete has now been poured for both of those areas, and the finishing touches will begin over the next couple of weeks.

The great news of the day for me? The ATT fiber has been run into the building now and will soon be snaked upstairs and into our Audio/Video studio. Soon, the IT part of the building will match the beauty of history.

Come see us. Set up a tour. Take a look.

This will be the place to be.

In my opinion? It will be the best place to be.

(The drapes are now hung in the LTS’ “Library”)

(Drapes being hung and the trim being painted in the LTS’ “Library.”)

(The floors to the LTS’ “Main Room” and the “Humidor” have now been stained and varnished)

(The LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” is now coming together. Soon, it will be completely framed up and ready to go.)

(The floor of the LTS’ “Diner” are ready for new concrete and the cornish work is all framed in)

(The floors to the LTS’ offices are now poured, and the ATT fiber is now into the building)

(Brick work continues on the front of the Hughes Lofts)

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