Editor’s Note:

It won’t be long now, folks.

Although the long-anticipated and much-awaited “official” opening will not come until August, we are so very close. So. So. Close.

Construction is now underway in the final phase. Plans are being crafted on how best to open. Staff is being retained and hired.


Drum roll please.

At the end of next week, by or around June 12, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s “Library” will be completed. Done. Finished. Ready for tours and inspection. Ready to test the couches and seats. Ready to see the finished product.

Floors will be sanded, stained and varnished. Done.

Ceiling light fixtures will be lit. Bulb for bulb. Done.

Book shelves erected and historic sales catalogues donated by a generous friend will fill the binds. Done.

Final coats of paint brushed to perfection. Done.

Doors hung and hardware attached. Done.

State-of-the-art, high definition televisions mounted to their brackets and hung from the walls with care. Done.

A stand-alone betting terminal will be fitted into the corner. The stand perched. Done. The terminal soon to arrive.

Custom drapes will around the majestic windows. Done.

Special-ordered couches and area rugs will don the room. Done.

Even temporary air conditioning unit installed for your comfort. Done.

And, our very own, Haylee Amoss, our new Membership Director, will be there to greet and educate. And, of course, sign you up for membership. Done.

Be one of the first to join Louisville’s most premier, private-membership club — located at 209 East Main Street.

Soon, the rest of the building will be done, too. Very soon.

We want you to with us. We want you to be one of us.

We want you to be done, too.

Take a peek at the latest additions and updates.

It is amazing.


(The floors in the LTS “Library” have been completely sanded and are now ready for stain and final coat of varnish. The main lighting fixtures have been installed.)

(All the hand-made, wooden panels have now been installed and painted to perfection.)

(The hand-man window sills, which can almost double as a seat, were carved from some of the main support beams that were cut in the building. Some of those beams are now over 242 years old and are now being repurposed and retooled.)

(The room, which has the feel of a ballroom show floor, will soon be packed with final furnishing, book shelves and historic “sales catalogues” saved through the years.)

(The light fixtures hang  now over the room.)

(The doorways that lead into and out of the “Library.”

(The LTS’ Main Room and Main Bar are nearing completion and soon will be packed with final furnishings that were selected by our expert Interior Design Team. The shelves with be stocked with your favorite spirits. And, state-of-the-art, high-definition television monitors will bring it all to life.)

(The lighting fixtures over the Main Barn have been installed and are lit up.)

(The brass foot rail has been installed on the Main Bar.)

(The Main Room will soon make room for you.)

(The LTS’ Cigar Bar — and its’ architect and LTS’ Founding Member, Mike Schnell — is nearly complete. Part of Mike’s private bourbon collection and selections will be housed in the antique shelves on the right.)

(The Cigar Humidor has now been readied for the arrival of the hand-built, Spanish Cedar cigar unit — which is scheduled to arrive from Michigan this Thursday. It will be installed and ready for inspection by the end of this week or early next. The “special” light fixture now hangs in wait.)

(The Cigar Humidor’s “shell” has been hand built, with special doors and windows and space has been carved to create a spot for private “cigar lockers,” that can be leased by Members-Only.)

(The door and the main lighting fixtures in the Women’s Restroom have been hung with care.)

(The LTS’ Private “Diner” is being closed in and ready for finish work to begin in the next two weeks.)

(The LTS’ “Conservatory” will be on the first floor and the entire “connector” between the North and South stair towers will be bricked in the next couple of weeks.”)

(The Conservatory is ready for the floor and drop ceiling, and, in addition to the brick facade, will get new windows and doors that will give access and views of the LTS’ massive Rooftop Area.)

(The hand-made staircase from Main Street leading to the basement were crafted from other support beams that were removed from other sections of the building and have now been cut, retooled and repurposed

(New windows — crafted to look like the ones originally made for the Hughes Lofts in and around 1900 — have now been installed on the Washington Street end of the building. Beautiful rendition of the originals.)