The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is up to a lot of things these days.

“Up” being the operative word.

The new and improved website — — is now “UP” and online, and prospective members can access that portal to find out more about how the project is progressing and how you can join immediately and become part of downtown Louisville’s latest development. The club is expected to be half way towards its’ initial membership goal by the time of this year’s Kentucky Derby and is planning to open by the Fall of 2019.

The newly developed parking garage, which will connect the Ice House and the Hughes Building is fully under construction, and the two staircase towers that will provide access and regress for all patrons have been completely structured “Up” to the top of the historic building — which is located at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville. Brick work is expected to begin this week, and will take up to four weeks to completely cover the two new towers and match the red brick look of the historic building.

And, inside the Hughes Lofts building, walls are now being put “Up” to accommodate many of the various service areas and facilities. Walls for the restroom facilities are studded “Up.” Walls for the kitchen prep areas are completely studded “Up.” Walls for kitchen storage and the state-of-the-art Audio/Video equipment room are now studded “Up.” And the walls that surround the North Elevator Tower have been studded, you guessed it, “Up.”

This week, construction crews are expected to complete studding “Up” the walls for the walk-in humidor for the premium “Cigar Bar,” and begin framing “Up” the encasings for both the main, LTS bar area and the premium “Cigar Bar” bar. Restoration of a historic, wooden bar is planned to begin soon and will be fitted into the “Cigar Bar” area.

On the first floor of the Hughes Building, the old vault area has been removed and the historic, white subway bricks have been removed to allow for an elevator shaft to be constructed in that space. As soon as that demolition and reconstruction are completed, the white, subway brick will go back “Up” and around the new elevator space.

In short?

The new, private membership club — which plans to be open later this year and provide premium accommodations, service and amenities to those persons interested in, invested in, fans of the great sport of Thoroughbred racing and breeding — is looking “Up.”

Here’s a closer look at things:

(The staircase towers for both the Main Street entrance and the Washington Street entrance have now been fully formed and brick work is expected to begin on the surface this week. It will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to encase the towers in beautiful red brick, which matches the historic building / Photo by Leigh Ann Thacker)

(Walls for the interior of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society are being framed up now. Soon, drywall will be added to the metal studding to provide space allotment for several designated areas. These new rooms will accommodate the facility restrooms, the kitchen area, refrigerated coolers and cabinet space for the state-of-the-art Audio/Video control room / Photo by Leigh Ann Thacker)

(A new wall is being framed up around the North End — Washington Street — elevator and new walls are being constructed in the “Cigar Bar” to accommodate the walk-in humidor and prestigious “Bourbon Bar.” Work on “setting” the bars will begin this week / Photo by Leigh Ann Thacker)

(The historic, white subway bricks have been stripped from the building’s old vault and safe and will make way for the new South Elevator Shaft and Elevator that will service all six floors of the building. Once the shaft has been constructed, the subway brick will be reset to dress up the outside walls once again and restore the historic feel / Photo by Leigh Ann Thacker)

(Gene McLean discusses the construction with the Project Manager / Photo by Leigh Ann Thacker)

As the weather begins to warm and the rains begin to slow a bit, the construction will kick into higher gear. We will keep you posted on the developments.

And, we hope you will join us in the festivities and fun soon to be had.