(The trim on the Cigar Bar is exquisite. All Photos by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

In these days and nights, it is hard to find anything to get excited about. It is difficult to find a “feel good” story. It is nearly impossible to locate the positive; see the light; grab for tomorrow.

We are inundated with a world of sickness and words of despair. Another day. Another mass of people found to be sick from COVID-19. Yet, another group of 100s that have lost their battle; and their lives. Sadness abounds.

This morning, we heard word that both 21C Hotel and the new Omni — two of Louisville’s newest and best hotels — would be closing for the time being. We caught wind of another group of people laid off and without work.

In these days and nights, it is hard not to cry — for our people and for their struggles.

Each day, we stop and drop to our knees. Thankful for our health. Praying for those not so lucky. Hoping that we can make it to tomorrow. Desperate for better times ahead.

We here at The Louisville Thoroughbred Society are hoping to be part of that tomorrow. We are hoping to be a huge part of your life, once again. We are hoping that you will be a huge part of our life, too.

Take a peek inside at our progress. We are coming. We promise.

And, we all look forward to those new days ahead. Soon.

If you want to learn more, try out our website at www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com.

Click on the membership links.

Ask us questions.

We would love to make the introduction, virtually today. In-person, tomorrow.

Here’s our newest looks, as of Friday, March 27:


(The front of the building at 209 East Main Street — home of the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society. The LTS dining room is going in on the right and will open up to the region’s largest green roof and open air space)


(The front trim is getting new paint and a temporary mailbox. We are getting mail now. Yeah.)


(The South End elevators are in and a new door opens up to the Main Street Garage entrance)


(A sample of the floor stain is on the far left. We will be picking one for the new “Library.” What’s your favorite? And, wall panels are going up in the “Library,” too.)


(The door connecting the “Library” to the new Dine Room has been opened up and the wood panels are being added. Should be done next week.)


(The LTS entrance foyer is coming together. Soon, our Concierge will be welcoming you “home.”)


(New doors to the bathrooms have been added and electrical lines have been dropped in for our betting terminals.)


(A beautiful marble counter top has been added to the Main Bar. What a beauty.)


(Stain colors for the Cigar Bar Humidor and the windows to the walk-in Cigar Palace have been framed in now.)


(The Cigar Bar is getting its’ final touches of stain and love. It is a masterpiece and ready for Mike’s select bourbons and scotch.)


(The roof of the LTS Dine Room has been added to the open air space.)

(Workers are finishing out the new concrete floors in the “Conservatory Area” of the LTS.)


(Views of the LTS Dine Room onto the what will be the region’s largest roof top bar.)


(Walls of the roof top bar are being added now.)


(New concrete floors have been poured to the “LTS Conservatory.” What an addition this will be. And, the view? Unreal.)

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