(LTS Founding Member Mike Schnell, left, and one of the construction workers talk about the installation of the new staircases and the location for the South elevator shaft / Photo by Gene McLean)

With all due respect to the great “Rock N Roll” legend Led Zeppelin, a new “Stairway to Heaven” was created on Thursday at the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

All-day Thursday, construction crews raised and then lowered into perfect location and placement the prefabricated staircases for the new project that is being constructed and renovated at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville.

One by one, they went up.

One by one, they went down, into the stairwells.

And, once carefully dislodged from the crane’s wires, the new stairs were locked into place. Welded for eternity.

Next week, concrete mixers will show up and pumped millions of gallons of cement  onto the metal to create the city’s newest “Stairway to Heaven.”

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