(The “LTS Cigar Bar” is looking good.)

Editor’s Note:

We be coming around the mountain, when we come. We be coming around the mountain when we come. We be coming around the mountain; we be coming around the mountain; we be coming around the mountain when we come.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is coming around the mountain.

The lights are going up and about to be turned on.

The doorways are getting the final trims and ready to be opened up.

The last of the mirrors are being hung and are about ready to be viewed.

The paint on the doors and walls are being stroked with perfection and about ready to be used.

The speakers are perched and ready to be turned on.

The floors are now prepped and ready to be stained.

The kitchen and bar equipment is in and ready to be lit up.

It won’t be this week that The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is ready to open.

It won’t be this month of May, either.

But it won’t be long now, our friends.

Come take a look.

Book a private tour, where we can all safely engage in social distancing.

Drive by and gander up at the work on the final construction efforts outside — the “LTS Diner Room” that overlooks 209 East Main Street and the “LTS Cigar Pavilion” which towers over Washington Street.

Much of the heavy lifting has been done.

Most of the finishing touches are being done.

We are coming around that last mountain.

Come with us.

Here is the latest peek inside:


(The LTS “Cigar Bar” got its’ ceiling mirror and its’ first two chandelier’s mounted this week. As they could do in the “speakeasy days,” customers will be able to sit at the bar and watch the bartender mix the right ingredients into the pour from the mirror up above.)

(The main doorway into the “LTS Foyer” has been framed up and framed in. Ready for some finishing touches of both love and paint from master carpenter “John.”)

(The main doorway connecting the new “LTS Dine Room” and the “Library” is being finished out by our artisan woodsman “John.”)

(A look from the “LTS Library” to and through the doorway connection to the “LTS Dine Room.”)

(New speakers have been covered to protect from dust.)

(New paint has been added to the doors.)

(Doorways and breezeways connecting the “LTS Main Room” to the “Conservatory” are now being framed up and framed in, as well.)

(The curb to the “LTS Conservatory” is ready for new concrete.)

(Columns to support the new “LTS Cigar Pavilion” are now framed up and ready for concrete to be poured.)

(All the floors of the Hughes Lofts have now been framed up and framed in. As soon as concrete is poured for the “LTS Conservatory” on the bottom level, brick work can begin to frame in the new enclosures.)

(A look from Washington Street. A sight to see. And, behold.)