(The LTS’ beautiful main bar is getting its’ final coat of paint and is about ready to begin accepting bottles on the shelves, if not orders. A major video screen display will fit nicely in the middle of the action, too. / Photo by Gene McLean)

Editor’s Note:

The rain drops may be falling on your head this week, but we are standing on ours.

Workers show up every day carving out another job; checking off another item on the “To Do List;” and finishing off the final touches of what soon will be the latest upscale, primetime, most select private club and entertainment area in all of historic downtown Louisville.

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society — which will provide first class accommodations and amenities to allow our members and guests to enjoy the thrills and excitement of Thoroughbred racing — is racing towards completion.

In just a few weeks, 12 pari-mutuel wagering machines will be installed in the historic Hughes Lofts building and at the LTS facility at 209 East Main Street. Members and guests will be able to wager on racing from across the country, and the globe, for that matter.

In just a few weeks, the yelps of winners will drown out the moans of losers as each race reaches a finish line.

In just a few weeks, nearly 30 state-of-the-art, high-definition television monitors will flicker to life and showcase the “Greatest Show on this Earth” — the thrilling action of Thoroughbred racing.

In just a few weeks, some of the best bottles of beer, wine and spirits will sprinkle the shelves of the LTS’ Main Room Bar. Members and guests will be offered the best of the best to tempt the pallet and quench the thirst.

In just a few weeks, the bar stools in the LTS’ “Cigar Bar,” will be bellied up to the majestic, historic, and beautifully restored wooden bar that sits royally and snuggly in the rear of the building that overlooks Washington Street. Some of the most rare, collector-themed bourbons and scotches will adorn the shelves and greet our customers.

In just a few weeks, the customed-built LTS’ Humidor — carved from spanish cedar — will be fitted into its’ final resting spot and ready for some of the finest leafs spiraled into some of the world’s most recognized and renowned cigar will be offered for sale.

In just a few weeks, the personalized LTS’ “Cigar Lockers” will be completely leased, and brass name tags will be applied. The limited number of 110 lockers are already going fast.

In just a few weeks, the brand, spanking new LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” will house some of the best Cuban-themed furnishings and allow both members and guests to sit and enjoy the fragrance of successful living.

In just a few weeks, the LTS’ “Conservatory” will be completely enclosed, and ready for furnishings and those that wish to rest comfortably.

In just a few weeks, the LTS’ “Dine Room” will be completely enclosed; tables will be situated; and the doors will be scooted to the side to allow members and guests to enjoy both inside and outdoor comfort.

In just a few weeks, now, the LTS’ “Rooftop Bar” will be ready for you.

In just a few weeks, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society will be ready to greet you.

When you can, grab your face mask and come pay us a visit.

When you have time, snare your bottle of hand sanitizer and come rub your hands over the latest and greatest attraction to Louisville’s “Whiskey Row.”

When you want, tune up your computer and go to www.thelouisvillethoroughbredsociety.com and take a look. We will be launching a “Virtual Tour,” soon.

All the Best / Gene

(Here are several looks at the LTS’ Main Bar. Fresh coat of black paint puts a real shine on the bar. The middle square will be the “future home” for a 98-inch, four-square television monitor, which can all show one larger video or be separated in four individuals video replays / Photos by Gene McLean)

(Of course, no photo update of the LTS would be satisfactory without the obligatory “LTS’ Library” look. Floors ready for stain. Walls panels ready for paint. Door trimmed out and ready for our historic “barn door” to rail over the top. My spot. / Photo by Gene McLean


(Framing has begun on the LTS’ “Dine Room,” which will overlook Main Street on one side and then open up onto the LTS’ “Roof-top Garden,” on the other. A curb has been poured that will allow a fresh coat of concrete to be smoothed out in the soon-to-be enclosed dinning space for LTS members and guests / Photos by Gene McLean)


(Work on the LTS’ “Conservatory,” and the “Cigar Pavilion” continues. The curb has been poured to the “Conservatory,” and heating & air duct was being finished out on Tuesday. Soon, a slick level of smooth concrete will be poured to level the floor into the LTS’ Main Floor and the complete area will soon be enclosed. The columns for the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” have been poured and soon work on connecting those with roof beams will begin, too. / All Photos by Gene McLean)


(The rustic tin ceiling tiles that decorated the main entry foyer to the Hughes Lofts since 1900 were recently removed, cleaned, straightened and have now been refurbished and reinstalled on the main floor. Soon, they will get a final trim and snip and a final coat of paint. The new ceiling tiles and the antique ceiling tiles have been printed to match the same. / All Photos by Gene McLean)

(Brick work has begun on the outside of the new parking garage at the Hughes Lofts. Soon the outer portion of the garage will be completely covered with a new brick look. / All Photos by Gene McLean)