(A look out the window of the LTS’ “Humidor” at the historic “Cigar Bar.” Soon, both will be ready for your business.)

Editor’s Note:

Every day, The Louisville Thoroughbred Society takes a giant stride forward.

The final touches are going up and on.

The final splashes of paint are spreading out and spreading joy.

The wallpaper is wrapping rooms like a present at Christmas time.

Soon, the historic wooden floors — already sanded to perfection — will be stained and varnished.

Soon, the hand-made, “Spanish Cedar” Humidor and private “Cigar Lockers” will arrive from Michigan and be installed.

Soon, the LTS’ Diner, Conservatory and Cigar Pavilion will be enclosed and the final trimmings will begin.

Soon, the bar shelves will be filled to the brim with our spirit and your favorite spirits.

Soon, the LTS’ “Library” will be finished; the book shelves added; and thousands of historic “Sales Catalogues” fitted. Simply put, the only way to do this room justice? Just come and see it. Soon.

Soon, we will be ready for you. And, your friends. And, your guests.

And, your Thoroughbred racing action.


Don’t miss out.

This is amazing.

Take a peek:



(The LTS’ “Library” is starting to take final shape. The hand-made wooden panels are now all installed and final paint is being applied. It will be ready for TVS, book shelves and historic “sales catalogues” soon. And, that’s another story. Stay tuned.)

(More looks down the hall into and out of the “Library.” The dark green paint color contrasts perfectly with the old, historic subway bricks. Wait to you see this place. I mean it. Spectacular.)


(The wallpaper on the Women’s Restroom — above — and the Men’s Restroom has been attached. Looking good.)

(TV brackets are going up for more than 30 monitors that will be located throughout the facility.)


(The LTS’ “Humidor” is now painted. The “Spanish Cedar” wall panels and private “Cigar Lockers” are scheduled to be shipped and installed the week of June 1. That will provide a huge “Wow Factor.”)

(Light fixture hangs over the LTS’ “Cigar Bar.”)

(The shelves to the LTS’ “Main Bar” are now painted and waiting to be installed.)

(Work on the LTS’ “Conservatory” is gaining ground, too. It will soon be enclosed with both brick and windows and provide a beautiful, sun-filled look onto the expansive LTS’ “Rooftop Bar” and outdoor space.)

(And, you want to discuss history? Look at the original, massive pillars that were installed on the first floor of the Hughes Lofts’ building. Massive. Sturdy. Built to last. A new concrete floor will be poured around the old standards soon.)