Construction workers are actively building the new parking garage adjacent to the historic building. New concrete pillars are now ready for the first floor of platforms to be lowered into their final resting place in the next couple of weeks.

Electrical lines are being run up and down, high and low throughout the 2nd floor of the facility.

Drywall is soon to be added to the walls.

And, work will kick into high gear soon on the make and remake of both of the major bar areas.

Every day, we are on location getting photos of the changes. Soon, you will be able to see for yourself. Downtown Louisville is getting ready for a new entertainment partner.

An exciting one.

Here’s your latest look:


(The main floor and ceiling of the Hughes Lofts building are being uprooted and torn down to make way for new replacements that will mirror the former look and dress up the building’s main foyer.)


(A staircase wall just outside the entrance of the Louisville Thoroughbred Society will allow members and customers to gain access to the main club or the private dining area that will soon be erected on the soon-to-be-completed, adjacent parking garage.)


(Dry wall has been delivered and is ready for install in the LTS “Library.” The drywall work is expected to begin within the next week to 10 days.)


(The kitchen prep area will soon be covered with plywood and will have a drop ceiling installed upon completion, and dry wall has been delivered and is ready for install in the main part of the LTS facility, as well.)


(The main bar for the LTS is now ready for build out, and the electrical panels are being installed in the main service area for the bar area.)

(The main trunks to the sprinkler system has been installed.)


(Brick work has begun on the windows in the Cigar Bar area of the LTS facility. Soon, windows will be ready and installed into the “Washington Street” end of the facility.)


(The electrical room is being readied for the LTS Audio/Video room, which will be home to decoders and other equipment that will provide all the televised racing for the facility.)


(The old concrete floor of the Hughes Lofts’ basement has been jackhammered and removed. Soon, the new electrical conduits and other infrastructure lines will be run into the facility and a new, level, a balanced concrete floor will be poured.)


(And, work continues outside, as well, on the new parking garage that will provide a number of amenities to the Hughes Lofts and the LTS facility. The rooftop will house the LTS “Dining Room,” the “LTS Cigar Pavilion,” and the region’s largest open-air, green roof living space.)

Article & Photos courtesy of The Press Box