(The South End staircase has a new “Derby Hat.” We are now getting ready for Derby Season. / Photo by Gene McLean)

It is now about 20 weeks from the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

It is only 144 days to the 146th running of the world’s most historic, traditional and important horse race.

It is now less than 5 months away from the biggest day in all of racing.

The First Saturday in May of 2020 promises to be another huge day for the entire world of Thoroughbred racing.

And, it promises to be a huge one for the Louisville Thoroughbred Society — as well.

After all, it will be OUR first Kentucky Derby TOGETHER.

If all things go according to our construction and organizational plans — and Mother Nature doesn’t raise her head or have other ideas — The Louisville Thoroughbred Society is planning on being open for business to help celebrate the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.”

The private membership club — which is dedicated to providing first-class dining, social and wagering experiences — is expecting to be open for the pleasure of all our members and guests.

We are getting ready to be ready.

If you have not been on Main Street in downtown Louisville lately, well, get ready for a couple of huge Christmas presents that are now sitting underneath the trees of the downtown landscape.

The new, boutique hotels known as Distill and Moxy — which are located only 200 footsteps farther West down Main from the Louisville Thoroughbred Society — are now open. They can be referred to as both Glitz. And. Glamour.

The new “walking tour” down Washington Street from Slugger Field all the way to the YUM Center is alive with the sound of all kinds of music, fun, laughter, drinks and dance.

And, the new Louisville Thoroughbred Society is about to join the ranks of the vastly improved downtown entertainment landscape, too, with an anticipated grand Grand Opening coming before the 2020 Kentucky Derby horses reach the starting gate on the first Saturday of this coming May.

The Society — which will be located at 209 East Main Street and will occupy the entire second floor of the newly renovated Hughes Lofts — is currently under full reconstruction and renovation.

Don’t stop if you are walking by. If you do, someone is likely to give you a hammer and an apron.

Do stop if you want to gaze in. If you do, you will see a blast of people blasting away at getting the operation fully operational.

New windows have been installed throughout the front of the historic structure, which was formerly known as the Hughes Building and was once called the “Fetzer Building.”

The entrance foyer is now being remodeled to resemble the historic structure when it was first constructed around the year, 1900.

New staircases have been built to accommodate members, guests and customers on both the South end of the building, near Main Street, and the North end of the structure, which can be accessed off Washington Street.

A new parking garage is getting geared up every day. Pre-formed platforms are ready to be dropped onto the support beams for the first floor, and the build-out of the second floor will begin immediately. The top floor of the garage will provide the largest green roof in the entire region, and give the LTS one of the biggest outdoor living spaces in all of the Tri-State area.

Cabs for the new elevators have been ordered and are scheduled to be placed for action in January.

All the electrical lines have been run. Water lines have been placed. The historic “Cigar Bar” has been extended and the remodeled shelving is ready to be installed. A state-of-the-art, walk-in humidor has been ordered and is under construction. Lighting outlets have been wired in, and the data lines have been run and are ready for the installation of brand new pari-mutuel machines that will be installed the first part of 2020.

The “Library” is about ready for the wainscoting panels that will warm the sides of the room, and final drawings are in for the bookshelves.

All the furniture has been ordered.

All the lighting fixtures have arrived and are now in storage, awaiting their debut on the walls and ceilings.

And, a nationwide search for our first “General Manager” has already begun to identify the final candidates to lead the new organization and become the newest curator of our historic property.

The LTS plans to announce our management staff by the end of January 2020, and have most on location to assist with the final building and business preparations by February.

We are getting ready to be ready.

We hope that you are, too.

Come take a look.

Join Louisville’s latest and greatest addition to the Thoroughbred industry.

Be part of the fun and games.

We will be looking for you.

And, we think we have the perfect “stall” waiting.

For more information how you can join, and not be left at the “Starting Gate,” go to our website:


Links will direct you how to become the newest addition and latest member.

(The entrance foyer has new windows and restoration work has already begun to refurbish the historic ceiling and tile flooring / Photo by Gene McLean_


(Historic brick work has been restored around the elevator shafts and the entrance foyer to the “Library” is ready for final touches / Photos by Gene McLean)


(The LTS “Library” is ready for a new doorway, drywall and the historic final touches / Photos by Gene McLean)


(The upscale “Cigar Bar” is now ready for “smoked glass mirrors” to be installed and the final stain and archways / Photos by Gene McLean)

Here are more looks — both inside and out.

Come join with us. It is going to be a really beauty.

And, it will provide for a lot of beautiful times and memories.


Article & photos courtesy of The Press Box